Iron Ring Camp 6

Camp 6, The Corporation of the Seven Wardens

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Iron Ring Information

Iron Ring Ceremony

For general inquiries about the Iron Ring ceremony and to request an application to participate in a future iron ring ceremony, please contact the Camp Secretary, Susan Ancel, P.Eng., at The website for Camp Six is It provides answers to frequently asked questions about obligation ceremonies in the Edmonton area, including eligibility criteria.

Information about the history of the Iron Ring ceremony is available at the Main Corporation of the Seven Wardens Website  

Replacement Rings

In Edmonton, contact the Camp 6 Treasurer Bill Hibbard, P.Eng. by email at The Camp 6 Treasurer will contact you directly with the details on how to arrange a replacement. Replacement rings cost $20, payable by cash, cheque, or money order. Obligated engineers from other Camps may have their rings replaced through Camp 6, however eligibility will need to be confirmed with the original obligating Camp. Individuals are encouraged to contact their obligating camp first.

Returning a Ring

To return a ring, as part of the obligations stated in the Iron Ring ceremony, please contact Bill Hibbard, P.Eng. at .


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