Current Students


  • Nicolas Olmedo is developing dynamic wheel-soil interaction models and soil characterization tooling as part of a project to deploy and demonstrate a robotic system to characterize soft tailings deposits. Nicolas is President of Copperstone Technologies.
  • MJ Shafaei is developing an asset management model for gas pipeline distribution systems.
  • Martins Efemuai is developing a system architecture for remote asset integrity assessment using wireless sensor networks and UAVs.


    • Priyanka Arora is applying risk models and real options for maintenance planning with applications to shutdowns of energy production systems.
    • Rijesh Augustine is developing a visual serving method for deploying machine condition monitoring sensors from a UAV for remote inspections of machine health (co-supervised with D Elliott).
    • Javier Barrios Briceno is formulating risk functions to compare the value of implementing condition monitoring systems and automating process equipment, with applications to pipeline leak detection and mining shovel automation.
    • Caleb Dyck is developing dynamic models and control methods for cable-driven dredging systems for automated treatment of fluid fine tailings.
    • Rodrigo Hernandez is characterizing temperature dependence of candidate gasket materials in dynamic sealing applications
    • Laura Ibarra is modelling and estimating probabilities of rail car brake faults and wheel damage under different conditions.
    • Chunyan JiangĀ is investigating non-invasive pump inspection methods that can be performed while the pump is operating and developing models that can be used for prognostics (co-supervised with B Fleck).
    • Dominika Juhaszova is developing methods for assessing the conditional risk and comparing the equivalence of different fault detection methods for rail car air brake faults. She defended her thesis successfully on Feb 8, 2018. Well done!
    • Haroldo Kawakami is investigating abrasive wear mechanisms in fluid systems and how acoustic emissions might be used to assess damage rate.
    • Anthony Maltais is developing a robot manipulator drive mechanism diagnostic method and applying it to shovels for risk-based maintenance modelling.
    • Tessa Ryan is investigating damage modes and reliability assessment methods for electrical power conductors that cannot be readily physically inspected, and modelling risk functions related to equipment observability.
    • Victoria Thomsen is investigating the effect of technological change and technology education programs on indigenous communities (co-supervised with A Ulrich).


  • This term there are no undergraduate research students.


Professor, Mechanical Engineering