Associate Editor, International Journal of Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management (COMADEM), 2013 – Present.

Director, Board of Directors, Society for Machinery Failure Prevention Technologies, 2014 – Present.

Member, NSERC Vanier Scholarship Committee, 2008,13-15. Chair 2015-18.

Vice-Chair, Management Committee, International Society for Condition Monitoring, 2011 – Present.

Chair, University of Alberta Press Committee, 2016 – 18.

Group Chair (Engineering), NSERC Joint Committee on Grants and Scholarships (COGS), 2006-10.

Member, Interdisc. Adjudication Comm., Canada Research Chairs, 2004-05,-08,-11. Chair 2005-06.

Director, Board of Directors, Precarn Inc. 2005-09. Vice Chair, 2007-09. Chaired Research Management Committee, 2002-2005, 2006-09.

Chair, Management Advisory Board, Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Machine Learning, 2007-09.

Member, NSERC IRC site visit 2010 /  Steacie Award Committee, 2004.

Member, Extraction Res. Group, Canadian Oilsands Network for R&D (CONRAD) 2001-5 Chair 03-5

Director, Society for Innovative Mining Technologies, Canadian Institute of Mining, 2006 – present.

Member, Tech. Program Comm. & Session Organizer, COMADEM 2009-12, MFPT CM 2009-12.

Warden Iron Ring Camp 6 (Edmonton) and Professional Assoc’n APEGGA Ethics Workshop Volunteer

Associate Chair, Graduate Programs, Department of Mechanical Engineering, 2009-11.

Committee Member, Thesis Examinations (about 8/yr), Academic Planning, Faculty Hiring, Chair Selection, Tenure & Promotion, Academic Appeals, U of A Press, University of Alberta, 2006 – present.

Reviewer, NSERC, CRC, MMO, OCE, Industry Canada (Precarn), CONRAD, Fuel, J. Field Robotics, IEEE Trans. Ind. Electronics, Can. J. of Chem. Eng., IEEE/JRS Conf IROS, Int’l Conf Robotics & Automation, CIM, CANCAM, ASME Pipeline Materials Symposium, Int’l J of Condition Monitoring, J Measurement, J Geotechniques, In’t J for Production Res, J Hydraulic Engineering, J Rail & Rapid Transit, J Field Robotics.

Leader, 182nd Riverbend Scouts. (2001 – 2011).

Professor, Mechanical Engineering